Hearing Care Doctors Ltd was established in Whitecourt, Alberta, in November 2015. It was established with the one goal in mind with that every patient should receive the highest level of hearing care and should be treated with the utmost respect and dignity at all time.

Custom Hearing Protection

Foam earplugs don’t always work in providing consistent hearing protection in noisy environments due to the poor fit and slippage.

The custom molded hearing protection gives consistent hearing protection and comfort due to its better fit. It is made from a silicon base material that is customized to fit your ears and can last for years. It is environment friendly and affordable option as there is no need to purchase disposable foam ear plugs regularly and waste money.

Hearing Protection for Professionals

  • Non-electronic hearing protection
  • Electronic hearing protection
  • Two way radio ear molds
  • Stethoscopes ear molds
  • Racers
  • RCMP and security professionals

Hearing Protection for Musicians

  • In the ear protection
  • In the ear monitors