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Long gone are the days of analogue and semi programmable hearing aids. Digital hearing aids have become an industry standard now. They have become super mini computers in human ears that produces clearer sound, manages background noise more effectively and comes with wireless connectivity. Within the last few years, digital hearing aid technology has set new benchmarks for digital sound processing.

In comparison to other healthcare industries, the hearing healthcare industry is relatively small. Nonetheless, it is second to none, when it comes to spending billions of dollars on research and development to make hearing aids better, slicker and high performing mini devices. There are some hearing aid manufacturers, who, spend more towards research and development programs to develop better hearing aid products than others. This obviously results in, for the end user, price variations for the hearing aids from different manufacturers.

In the day and age of fierce competition, there is little to separate between the few top hearing aid manufacturers as far as the hearing aid features are concerned. The ultimate success with hearing aid is not dependent on hearing aid itself but more importantly the hearing care offered by the hearing care specialist. The success and benefit from hearing aid fitting primarily relies on, you – the wearer, knowledge and skills of hearing care specialist, and least of all, on hearing aid itself.

The clinicians and audiologists at Hearing Care Doctors are some of the most qualified, skillful and experienced individuals in the industry. They are licensed and certified by provincial and national hearing boards to practice in hearing profession. The patients coming to us for their hearing care needs are treated with highest quality of hearing care, with utmost respect and compassion they deserve. Hearing Care Doctors believe in educating the patients about their unique hearing ability, hearing needs and best treatment solutions to address any hearing deficits.

IIC - Invisible in the canal

IIC hearing aids are the smallest of all types of hearing aids. They are not visible from outside. They sit deep in the ear canal closer to the ear drum. They have limited power due to its size and can be fit to mild to moderate hearing losses.

CIC - Completely in the canal

CIC hearing aids are the smaller hearing aids and sit relatively deep in the ear canal. They are almost invisible from outside. They are more powerful than IIC hearing aids and can be fit up to severe hearing losses.

ITC - In the canal

ITC hearing aids are small custom hearing aids which are flush against the ear canal and are visible from side on. They are powerful hearing aids and can be fit unto severe hearing losses. These hearing aids are better choice for individuals with dexterity issues. Due to the size they are easy to see, feel and operate, whiteout compromising too much on cosmetics.

ITE - In the ear

ITE hearing aids are custom hearing aids which fit flush against the ear concha and pretty much fill up the ear. They are powerful hearing aids and can be fit up to severe hearing losses. These hearing aids are the best choices for individuals with dexterity and vision issues. Due to the size they are easy to see, feel and operate.

RIC - Receiver in the canal

RIC hearing aids are the newer type of hearing aids, which hide behind the ear and are near invisible. They have become popular choice for hearing aid wearers because it offers the best comfort and excellent sound quality. They can be fit from minimal hearing losses unto severe hearing losses. These are the best choice hearing aids for high frequency hearing losses, partial hearing losses and for individuals who do not like hearing aids inserted in their ears.  

BTE - Behind the ear

BTEs are the bigger size and the most powerful hearing aids. They are the best choices for severe to profound hearing losses. They are often the choice for children.