Getting the right hearing assessment done can help diagnose and deal with problems before they get worse. With our new state-of-the-art clinic open in Edmonton, we can help anyone; from kids, to adults to seniors. Book your Hearing Assessment today.

Finding the Right Hearing Treatment For You

The hearing ability is not limited to how well a person detects the sounds around them. There is more to it. The ear detects the sounds and sends it to brain for further processing. The brain processes and interprets the incoming signals in to a meaningful sound, word, sentences and speech. The auditory system works collaboratively with brain and sometimes with visual system to give proper meaning to the sounds around.

To better understand patients hearing ability or impairment, we implement a test battery approach that tests key areas of your auditory pathway, from ear to the brain. This assists us in understanding the residual hearing capacity and guide the treatment process effectively.

The typical hearing test appointment usually lasts up to 45 minutes. The patient’s ears are thoroughly examined by the hearing specialist for any obstructions, wax and presence of infections by video otoscope. The patient is then put through customized advanced hearing tests that are most relevant to patients hearing complaints.

The consultation appointment typically lasts about 30 minutes, in which the hearing specialist discusses the hearing tests results with the patients and provides them with appropriate treatment recommendations. The final recommendation is always agreed upon by the patient and the hearing specialist.