Hearing Care Doctors believes in efficiency and professionalism. The steps below help you understand what to expect when visiting us.

Keep in mind, we have very friendly and dedicated staff who will make you feel most comfortable and truly welcomed in our clinic. We truly appreciate your business and continual faith in our services.

Arrival at the clinic

At Hearing Care Doctors, upon arrival, the patients are checked in by a friendly receptionist and directed to the comfortable seating area. While waiting for the appointment the patient can help them selves to complimentary refreshments and fresh hot coffee and tea.The clients are usually seen on time.

Hearing Test

The typical hearing test appointment usually lasts up to 45 minutes. The patients ears are thoroughly examined by the clinician for any obstructions, wax and presence of infections by video otoscope. The patient is then put through customized advanced hearing tests that are most relevant to patients hearing complaints.

Hearing Consultation

The consultation appointment typically lasts about 30 minutes, in which the clinician will discuss the hearing tests results with the patients and provides them with appropriate treatment recommendations. The final recommendation is always agreed upon by the patient and the hearing specialist.

Hearing Aid Fittings

The hearing aid fit appointment typically lasts about an hour. The clinician examines the patient ear and performs required tests with and without hearing aid on patients ear to gauge and verify the performance and potential benefit from the hearing aid. Upon completion of the testing part the clinician demonstrates the use, care and maintenance of the hearing aid.

Follow Up

The patients are usually seen for few subsequent follow-up appointments to check on the hearing aid progress and targeted benefit.